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How to Dunk a Basketball with 3 Easy Tips

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Tip #1

is to optimize your take-off by figuring out if you're a 1-legged jumper or a 2-legged jumper. Go to the gym and start jumping at the rim and figuring out if you jump highest off of 1 foot or 2 feet. Figure out what's best for you. Everyone's different so it really just depends on how your body is built. Now once you figure out if you're a 1 or 2-legged jumper, here are some tips to optimize your take off.

If you jump the highest off of 1 foot, make sure you accelerate when going to the basket. Go from slow to fast. Never slow down. Never stutter step. Stay tall. Don't lean. Always have your knees in front. When you're jumping, drive your opposing knee up toward the basket. Swing yourself up. Use that momentum from your opposing knee to go up towards the basket. Get dorsiflexion in your jumping foot. Make sure your toes are pointed up towards your shin right before you plant it to jump. Start off with long strides first with your last 1 or 2 steps being explosive. Use your full arm reach to dunk the basketball.

Those are some important techniques when you're learning how to dunk off 1 foot. Some of the techniques are the same for 2-legged jumpers. Stay tall and straight. Don't lean. Never stutter step. Focus on explosiveness and less on your steps. Keep your chest straight and use your core to go up, not forward. Plant one foot 1st then immediately plant the 2nd foot to really focus on that explosiveness. Focus on leg power and your core strength to go up towards the rim, use your full arm reach, and dunk the basketball.

Tip #2

is to figure out what's the best angle to go towards the rim when you're trying to dunk. The angle that you go at towards the rim can make a big difference when you're trying to dunk a basketball because some people can't dunk from the side but they can dunk from straight on, and some people can't dunk from straight on but they can dunk from the baseline. Go to the gym and try to dunk from every single angle. The angle matters especially when you're a beginner dunker. See which angle is best for you.

Tip #3

is to think about the little things that you might not be thinking about that can make a big difference when you're first learning how to dunk. We all know what MJ said. It must be the shoes, right? But really when you think about it, are your shoes optimized for dunking? Are they light? Do they feel good? Are they tight? Make sure that you have very lightweight shoes and that they're tight around your feet. The tighter they are the better your jump will be. Some people even say that wearing 2 pairs of socks actually helps them when jumping. Make sure your grip strength is as good as it can be. Most people who are learning how to dunk will start dunking with 1 hand, and being able to grip the basketball will make it easier. Do exercises that will strengthen your grip. Think about the way you hold the ball when you go up to dunk. Focus on the psychological aspect of dunking. When you're going up to dunk, envision yourself going up & dunking the basketball. Believe & tell yourself that you've done this before and you're going to do it now. That will help tremendously. If you change your mindset & actually believe that you can dunk a basketball you will start to do it.

But what's the SECRET for learning how to dunk? The secret is to actually complete an official jump training program! Honestly when you're in a game and you have 9 other players on the court, you're not going to think about the angle you're going at the rim. You're not going to think about if you're jumping off 1 or 2 feet. You're not going to think about any of that because your mind is going to be in the game. You want jumping high to come naturally and easily to you.

Bottom line you need to jump higher. You need to add inches to your vertical leap.

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